CREATV is an integrated marketing consultancy specializing in digital mediums. We craft narratives and build growth strategies for brands and believers. Creativity is the bridge we build between methods and metrics, delivering insightful, delightful, and impactful initiatives that propel your business and your vision forward. Our clients are innovators in their vertical. They are companies built by passionate risk-takers, makers, and doers. They are individuals with extraordinary ideas and ambitious goals. We help you weave and echo your brand’s story in a way that resounds with your audience and rings true to you. We believe narrative is greater than noise. Metrics matter: we are passionate about data analysis and project management. But we don’t forget to personify the numbers, respect the audience you’re speaking to, and that true ROI extends past the pixels. We handle every nuance of your marketing, from strategy to execution and we have a curated pool of creative and technical talent resources to bring any concept to life. Let’s get CREATV.

About Our Founder

Alana Joy is an industry veteran and thought leader with more than 15 years of digital experience. She has been featured as an online privacy advocate, host, writer, and correspondent for outlets such as CNBC, ABC News, ThisWeekIn, Blackberry, Media Bistro, Huffington Post, RWW, Mashable, LA Weekly, Village Voice Media, and many others. Alana was a host of ThisWeekIn Twitter on the ThisWeekIn network, has spoken at conferences such as SXSW Interactive, WordCamp, Social Media Camp, and Social Media Week. She was co-Managing Director for Girls In Tech’s Los Angeles chapter, putting together panels and events that empower and connect women who work in technology spaces. Alana is a recipient of an LA Web Award and she was honored for her data privacy advocacy by being featured in the CNBC documentary, The Facebook Obsession. She sat on the advisory board for the inaugural launch of Social Media Week LA and on the advisory board for the New Media Certification program for Oregon State University, where she has also taught various courses as an adjunct professor in online communications and digital marketing strategies. 

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