About Us

Creatv specializes in integrated digital marketing and communications strategies, for measurable growth that scales with your business.

Creatv was founded by Alana Joy, a multidisciplinary digital strategist who has been working with startups and enterprise businesses for almost 20 years. Over her career, she’s worked as a consultant, in partnership with advertising and public relations agencies, and in-house holding senior roles. An early adopter since the mid-90’s, she has been a fixture in digital spaces as the internet has evolved, bringing a particularly nuanced insight to the clients she works with.

Since 2009 Alana has been speaking about data privacy and portability on outlets such as CNBC, ABC News, and in countless publications. She has been a host, correspondent, featured speaker, and content creator for outlets such as ThisWeekIn, Media Bistro, LA Weekly, RWW, SXSWi, Mashable, Huffington Post and others. Formerly the co-Managing Director of the Girls In Tech LA Chapter, Alana has sat on Advisory Boards for Social Media Week and Oregon State University, where she has also been an adjunct professor teaching courses on digital marketing.

After spending time living in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, Alana now lives in Portland, OR with her daughter and two little dogs and is currently (still) working her first book, Any Memes Necessary, about how meme culture is shaping our society at large.


Working in marketing and advertising doesn’t have to mean convincing people they need things they actually don’t, or making others feel they aren’t enough.

The practitioners in my industry hold a responsibility to raise the bar.

At Creatv, we never lose sight of the fact that “users” are people. We speak to them intelligently. Whether through content, campaigns, or digital ads: every touchpoint matters. We work closely with our clients to deliver their authentic value to their target audience in a way that leaves everyone feeling good.

It’s up to us to understand how our work impacts society. We want clients that care about this, too.

Behind every client we work with there are real people who built something from nothing.

They’ve made sacrifices, taken time away from family and friends, stayed up nights. They invested their own money in themselves, in their future. They created something that is hopefully, a value add. It’s gratifying to be able to help brands and believers formulate and execute on success strategies that are based on a higher set of values, bringing not only profit but progress.

Making an impact and making money are not mutually exclusive. We work with people that prioritize this.